Katie Fuller art


I get a buzz from creating and making things inspired by my love of nature. Most of my work is in the form of handmade, limited edition linocut prints. I also enjoy creating art digitally, as well as trying different techniques.

Blackbird linocut print

This method of relief printing makes use of marks cut into a flat piece of linoleum or vinyl. Ink is rolled onto the surface and paper pressed on top. For multicoloured prints I mostly use the “reduction” method which requires only one block, but multiple rounds of cutting and inking.

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I create greeting card designs using a variety of methods – mainly digital illustration, linocut designs and some pencil drawings.

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Bumblebee greeting card

I’ve loved drawing ever since I was a child. These days I especially enjoy drawing in ink and coloured pencil.

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Though I can just about sew a button on a shirt, I don't consider myself a skilled needleworker. "Needle painting" is a fun and satisfying way of creating tactile, beautiful pieces.

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Kingfisher embroidery

Fresh from the studio

available for you to buy in my Etsy shop